Hail damage is devastating to the roof. It is important to call a professional to schedule roof repair st louis county mo if you have damage. Prolonging a repair can cause more damage to the roof, thus more expensive to repair. Sometimes hail damage is not as easy to spot as some people would assume, but there are many signs to look out for.

Most common signs of hail damage to the roof include:

·    Gutters/downspouts that are cracked, have dents and dings or other visible signs of damage

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·    Leaks inside the home

·    Broken/missing shingles

·    Dent and dings on the drip edges, roof vents, and roof fascia

·    Granules underneath asphalt shingles

These are some of the most common signs that indicate hail damage has occurred. As a proactive homeowner, it is your duty to inspect the roof regularly to keep an eye out for these signs or others that indicate a problem. This is important to do at least once or twice per year, and any time that a strong storm has come through St. Louis.

The expense of hail damage repair may not be those that you want to endure, but you shouldn’t avoid the inevitable. You are only making the damage that is already there worse because it is not going away nor will it repair its own self. You can save money on the costs of the roof repair when you pick up the phone and schedule service immediately after you notice that a problem exists.

Always request estimates before you hire a professional to repair your roof after hail damage. There is no cost for the estimate and they help you secure the best costs for the job. Nothing is more important when it is time to make this repair to the roof.